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A short-stroke device that is suitable for beginners and experts in permanent
The unique ergonomic design doesn't take getting used to. Fits perfectly in the hand, thanks to excellent weight distribution and low weight - only 85 grams
Graceful body shape, combination
materials, gold contacts. Who said that a professional tool should not be beautiful?
It looks noble, stylish and will not leave indifferent not only you, but also your customers.
85 gr
125Х23 mm
Needle stick out
0-2 mm
Needle stroke
2,1 mm
Number of speeds
215 gr
75х22 mm
220V, ACDC 12V-1A
edema-free procedures
fast execution
covering laying in 2-2.5 passes
sharp lines
· Equal spacing between pixels
· Each pixel has the same rounded shape
· No blank punctures
· Quick application of the pigment reduces the time for the procedure, due to which there is no swelling
The electronics of the block improves running characteristics and increases the wear resistance of the mechanism by 2 times. A special microprocessor processes pulses from the tip of the needle, controls the force of impact, power, and adapts to the skin and style of the master.
80 - 90 - 100 - 110 -120 punctures per second, excellent range for comfortable and convenient work. Built-in memory allows even after stopping the machine, start working again at the same speed as before
Work with the cartridges you're used to and love. Universal connector for bayonet cartridges, suitable for all known Bi-Tech, Defender, EZ, Kwadron and others.
Bright and stylish. The block is made from a combination of anodized aluminum and blued steel.
Very stable, and the diameter is only 7.5 centimeters.
At the heart of the mechanism are only the best motors from the German / Swiss Faulhaber, high-performance 12V. Engines that have proven themselves in the perm industry - quality and durability
The wireless pedal is a brilliant addition to the FLY. Beautiful, comfortable, durable.
(Sold separately. Coming soon)
Reliably protects the motor and mechanism of the machine. All details are protected.
Anodized metal can not only be disinfected with special agents, but also autoclaved. At the same time, the color and texture of the handle will not change in any way.
A special ring protects the inside of the device from any liquid ingress, which makes the working side of the device completely sealed, and the work of the master is safe.

Warmed the color, softened the shape.
We tested the new car 🙌 @icolorpmu #icolorfly. Very soft, dusty with small pixels, nimble. Worthy 🖤 I especially liked the machine on my lips 👍 I'll share photos later
Rusina Ekaterina

The device is wonderful, 3 days of work on it. I have tried all areas. The device does not tear and does not cling to the skin, therefore there is no lateral beating.

Fire) to it, of course, you need to get used to it. It is completely different from all typical devices on the market. It lays down the pigment very neatly and beautifully! You can see the result.)

This handsome man came to me a week ago - good, you can’t argue :)

@icolor_russia studied in June 2020, I am grateful to the company for a new profession with 0✅ for a good base, they learned it in a few days and gave me the opportunity to earn 🖤 love. I work with a typewriter and pigments @icolorpmu

Kstate adna devutska skasala sto rabotala aparatom i jen ne nadobolo samoi netsevo delat 😂 aparat sam vsju rabotu sdelala
Aitäh 😍
Ma arvasin, et jõuab raudselt homme 😄 aga panin kogemata vastava värviga pluusi ka täna 😘 nii happy 💕

My love ❤ I can sing odes to this typewriter. For me, perfect for zones 👌

I love this device, it has become faster and better 💛

I like the device 😍🙌, as well as my students who pass the test of cars during training. In #icolorfly they note: beautiful design, no vibration, delicate pigment laying, beautiful pixel 👌🤩🔥

This device is ideal for both professionals and craftsmen. I've been texting it since March somewhere. The pigment fits quickly, neatly, and it's a pleasure to work.

The device is cool, powerful, but at the same time without vibrations, which allows you to make clear, even lines, I am very pleased with it 😁👍

I love your device 🤍

Super 😍 it's just perfect for work
iColor FLY
Short-stroke device that is suitable for beginners and experts in permanent makeup.

This device will become the extension of your hand, allowing you to perform procedures on all areas with different levels of saturation and color opacity.

A beautiful hand-piece, comfortable control unit and adapter - all inclusive. You won’t have to buy anything in addition!
Ready to work right out of the box!
Unique, ergonomic design that does not require getting used to. Perfectly fits into hand thanks to its well balanced and small weight - only 85 grams.
The sleek form of the frame, combination of materials, golden plugs. Who said that professional device does not need to be beautiful?
Gold anodized aluminium - looks exquisite, stylish and will leave neither you nor your clients indifferent.
The sleek form of the frame, combination of materials, golden plugs. Who said that professional device does not need to be beautiful?
Luxurious brows
Small and delicate pixel that heals in the form of a light shadow. Natural, beautiful
Luscious lips
Easily perform any technique, from light tinting to lipstick effect. Fast colouring with no trauma to skin! Minimal swelling
Elegant eyeliner
Eyelash enhancement in 2 passes - this is real! Classic eyeliner or eyelid shading - without any swelling
Securely protects the motor and mechanisms of the device. All hardware is protected.
Motor capsule
The anodized metal not only can be disinfected, but also subjected to an autoclave sterilisation, during which the color and texture of the headpiece remains intact.
Removable case
Safety - for us it’s not just an empty word. We have integrated three safety levels for both - the artist and the device. Permanent makeup is not the field where risk can be justified
A special ring seal protects the mechanism of any liquid damage, which makes the working side of the device completely waterproof, and artist’s work - safe.
The combination of the unique mechanism, safety systems and modern electronics - it all allows for unsurpassed results and predictablity in work. Both professionals and beginning artists work with our device.
Smart electronics
5 speeds with memory
Control unit’s electronic system improves the driving performance and increases the durability of mechanism by 2 times. Special microprocessor processes every impulse coming from the tip of the needle and controls the impact force and power, adapting to the skin’s resistance and artist’s working style.
(80 - 90 - 100 - 110 - 120 piercings per second), great diapason for comfortable work. The built-in memory system allows to resume work at the same speed as before stopping the device.
Work with the cartridges you are used to and love. Universal, bayonet-type mount for cartridges. Compatible with the well-known Bi-Tech, Defender, EZ, Kwadron and others.
Bright and stylish. The module is made with combination of anodized aluminium and blued steel.
Very stable, and the diameter is only 7,5 centimetres.
Own control unit
The heart of the mechanism features the best motors by German/Swiss Faulhaber, high-performance, 12 V. Motors that have proved themselves in permanent makeup industry for their quality and longevity.
Wireless pedal - a shiny addition to the Fly device.
Beautiful, convenient, steady.
(Available for purchase separately. Coming soon)
Specifications and the set
Comfortable hand-piece shape. Weight: 85g, size 125 x 21 mm
Power adapter 220V, ACDC 12V-1A
Needle extension 0-2mm, needle stroke 2,1 mm
Round control unit with 5 speeds. Weight 215g, size 75 x 22mm
1 year warranty
European certification CE
iColor Fly